Prisoners Amoung Us

Get in touch with classroom teachers that are familiar with the educational materials and have used them in their classes.

Jack Bareilles

Rebecca Sobel

Lynn Jones

“... a wonderful documentary that sets the record straight with intelligence and humanity, this is highly recommended.”
Editor’s Choice.  Video Librarian

“It is long past the time that Americans learn about this little known chapter in our history.”
Studs Terkel, Author, The Good War

“DiLauro’s ability to candidly capture real stories of real people helps bring history alive in a manner impossible for textbooks to achieve.”
Nicholas P. Ciotola, Curator, Italian American Collections, Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Heinz History Center

“... a moving retelling of the experiences of Italian Americans and of a dark part of American History.  It serves as a powerful reminder of the extremes a nation can go to in the interest of national security.”
Recommended for all libraries - Library Journal

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