Prisoners Amoung Us

Three attributes aptly express and reflect the mission and direction of MichaelAngelo Productions.

MichaelAngelo Productions is grounded in artistic excellence and aesthetic beauty that cuts through the clutter of the overly produced media to which we have become accustomed.  A classic purity applies to our productions in that they are not faddish or mirror the style of diminishing trends.  We set the record straight with intelligence and humanity relating back to classic ideals.

Recognized as a leader in the advertising, commercial, educational, and entertainment markets, MichaelAngelo Productions has been honored with numerous awards including Addys, Emmys, major film festival recognition and endorsements from educators and entertainment journalists.  Our discriminating production capabilities attract the best people who produce memorable, emotional stories while accurately portraying the climate and culture of the times.

MichaelAngelo Productions has the ability to sense and accurately portray the value and outcome of a great, worthwhile idea.  We are resourceful, seeing and knowing where and how to generate support and follow through with whatever is needed to make the project a reality.  We thrive on creative challenges and long-lasting relationships and derive the best ideas from those whose critical input is valued.

Contact Information:
Telephone: 724.775.3126
Fax: 724.775.3156

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