Prisoners Amoung Us

Prisoners Among Us gave us the opportunity to learn and to engage in very fruitful and inspiring conversation as a campus community.”
Dr. John C. McLucas | Towson University

“...a wonderful documentary that sets the record straight with intelligence and humanity, this is highly recommended.”
Editor’s Choice | Video Librarian

"His (DiLauro's) life experiences encapsulate the generational assimilation of the Italian-Americans, yet his ethnic heritage is at the core of his own identity."
Mike Dillon | F&L Primo

"This story is not an Italian story. It is an American Story. We want to get to the truth. This powerful documentary will do just that."
Eliot Engle | U.S. Representative New York

"It is long past the time that Americans learn about this little known chapter in our history."
Studs Terkel | Author The Good War

"This story deserves a dispassionate, factual treatment, which "Prisoners Among Us" delivers."
Philip R. Piccigallo, Ph.D. | National Executive Director Order Sons of Italy in America

"We are impressed with the work including interviews and stories that are not only passionate, but also historically, an important chapter in American history."
John Salamone | Executive Director National Italian American Foundation

"It appears we don't learn from our history. One might expect Italian-Americans to be in the forefront of protests against the gross violations of civil liberties and constitutional rights which are being perpetrated against Muslims, Arabs, and enemy combatants! But I don't hear those protests from our paesani."
Rudolph Vecoli, Ph.D. | University of Wisconsin, Madison
Director, Immigration History Research Center

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